The Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500X First Ride

The Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500x

Well, the new Thunderbird variant appears quite colourful and youthful but I am sure you all want to know that it also rides good as it looks? Well, I, Pratik, from team StuntingSoul brought the joy of riding this rough and tough beauty called the Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

Well, the thunderbird from Royal Enfield works amazing for enthusiasts who love fancying a cruiser style motorcycle but have desires to be a part of the Royal Enfield segment. The new thunderbird has again the same formula with few add-ons like it’s more friendly to the streets now, has bright skin, and it is available in 350cc and 500cc engine options.

My Review: About the look of Royal Enfield Thunderbird

What’s Yay?

  • The bike has really got a turn-again look. The colour tone of the tank is kept bright with black offers it a look and feel, so appealing and youthful.
  • The shorter handbar, the one-piece seat and oh-the-black alloy wheels with rim tapes proffers a sporty look to the motorcycle
  • The motorcycle is available in four cheerful hues- blue and orange for the 500X, and red and white for the 350X. Blue, among the all, is what we liked the best.

What’s Nay?

However, the paint finishing on the fuel tank could have been evener.

The new seat sure gives a classic look particularly its colour-coded stitching – but from close, you will observe that the stitch lines are offset.

As a whole, the new Thunderbird 500X appears wonderful but when it comes to the minute details, it loses out.

How is it to ride?

What’s Yay?

  • Rides the same like earlier Thunderbird motorcycle
  • Riding position has been changed due to the new handlebar
  • The footpegs use very comfortable forward-set position

What’s Nay?

  • It can however be little uncomfortable for longer rides as it has more vibrations now.
  • The new seat features a firm cushioning not the very soft ones, which can cause problem in longer rides.
  • The other disadvantage of handlebar is the vibrations making mirrors useless between 2-3,000 rpm, to the point when the motorcycle not just vibrates but shakes.

So, what did you like the most about the bike? And, what do you think, can be improved in this version of the Royal Thunderbird. Do let us know in the comments.



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