The Big List of Stunt Names

The Big List of Stunt Names


  1. Seat Down Wheelie
  2. Stand Up Wheelie
  3. Rear Peg Wheelie – stand up wheelie on the rear pegs
  4. 10 o clock Wheelie – Wheelie with nose at 10oclock.
  5. 12 o Clock Wheelie – stand up or sit down wheelie with the front wheel pointing straight up vertically at a 90-degree angle
  6. From the Pavement.
  7. NAC NAC – stand up wheelie with right leg behind left leg sticking out to the left side.
  8. CAN CAN – revers of a Nac Nac, with right leg in front of left leg sticking out.
  9. Nose Grab – Stand up wheelie with left hand over the windscreen grabbing nose of bike
  10. Fender Grab – same as nose grab, but grab fender.
  11. One Handed Wheelie
  12. Side-Saddle Wheelie – sitting side-saddle with both legs on one side while wheelying.
  13. Side-Saddle Tank Wheelie – sitting side-saddle on the tank while wheelying.
  14. High Chair Wheelie – legs over the handlebar wheelie
  15. Crossed Highchair wheelie – sitting over handlebar with legs crossed wheelie.
  16. Candy Bar / Banana Split – One leg over the handlebar, one leg on the peg stand up wheelie.
  17. Fender Drag – 12 o clock wheelie or more until rear fender scrapes against the ground, or cut off fender and pull by rope.
  18. Flamingo – standing on seat with one leg sticking out behind your wheelie
  19. Tony Shagdaddy Combo Wheelie – 2n gear stand up wheelie while changing lanes in traffic, signalling, flashing the high beams on and off, and honking
  20. One Handed Superman Wheelie – One handed wheelie with legs off the pegs, laying down with stomach on gas tank, legs splayed out behind you.
  21. Surfer-Boy Wheelie – Standing with one foot on seat and one foot on tank wheelie. (perfected by Matt of BTB)
  22. Lazy-E Boy Wheelie – sitting over handlebars, laying back on tank and doing a no look wheelie.


  1. Stoppie – Short distant rolling endo that brings the rear end up quick and holds that stance for a split second before crashing downwards.
  2. Tank Stoppie – sitting on gas tank stoppie.
  3. Tail Grab – One handed stunt involving the left hand holding onto the tail section/tail light
  4. Fender Grab Stoppie – One handed stoppie while reaching over the front and grabbing the front fender.
  5. Rolling Endo – reverse wheelie with the rear wheel in the air while rolling to a stop on the front wheel.
  6. Crowning Endo/Cross up Stoppie – sitting over the handlebar and doing a rolling endo. (dedicated to btb f4i)
  7. Tail Grab Stoppie – One handed stoppie with left hand holding onto tail section.
  8. Crossed-Over Stoppie – doing a one handed stoppie with the RIGHT hand off the brakes, and braking with the left hand. (LVX)
  9. Skitch Stoppie – skitching off the side of the bike while bike is doing a rolling endo right next to you. (don’t ask me how you do it, i just saw it on the Wheelie Boys video)
  10. Sloppy Stoppie – badly attempted stoppie where the front wheel skids instead of rolling. Too much weight on the rear, and not enough over the front.
  11. The Droppie – Unintentionally dumping your bike in any form or fashion.


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