The 3 Most Incredible Motorcycle Stunt List

The 3 Most Incredible Motorcycle Stunt List

Motorcycle stunt riding are often referred to as stunting. It involves stunts like acrobatic maneuvering of the motorcycle and sometimes the rider.

The first ever motorcycle was sold in 1894 in Germany; and a few years after that was the first motorcycle race of about 400 kilometers held in France.

After the Second World War in 1949, the FIM or the Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme was founded. The FIM established the format for road racing that is still recognizable to this day in the World GP series.
We all know what motorcycles are; whether they’re the flame-spattered, skull-and-crossbones, chromed-out Harleys that fat, bearded men you wouldn’t mess with ride, or the Sonic the Hedgehog looking colour-coordinated superbikes. Whichever motorcycle you choose, remember it should be awesome.

Given below are the three most incredible motorcycle stunt list:

1. The Suicide Burnout

Do you remember the super cool scene from any action film with the motorcycle where the back wheel keeps on spinning until there is so much of smoke around the rider that it makes the motorcycle disappear? That’s a burnout.

But a suicide burnout is slightly different. It consists of exactly the same principle but with the rider standing in front of the bike. Standing tall on a solid ground with an incredibly powerful machine screeching and howling.

2. The Superman

This stunt requires a ramp and a speed sufficient enough to turn your eyebrows into ear-brows. This is not the sort of stunt you can practice on anything other than a giant ramp while going as fast as you can.

You have to literally toss yourself along with the moment of your motorcycle and then fling your body back off the motorcycle.

3. The Backflip

This stunt was considered as impossible on any motorcycle for years. Even the world’s best riders were not able to even attempt it as it was too high, too fast and too risky.

However, that all changed in the year 1993 when Bob Kohl successfully converted his BMX flip to a motorcycle. And, viola! The backflip was invented.

But it wasn’t until 2002, that a successful Backflip was completed on a full-size motorcycle by Caleb Wyatt. Since then, the backflip has advanced from the impossible to the possible, and to the competition-winning stunt to an important part of the motorcycle stunt list.



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