Top 5 motorcycle movies that every biker must watch.

Top 6 motorcycle movies that every biker must watch.

Who doesn’t love watching movies? Here’s a list of motorcycle movies that every biker must watch. Ranging from underground motorcycle clubs, freewheeling nomads, MotoGP 2010 season, these movies have it all.

So sit back with a huge tub of popcorn and get ready for a movie marathon!

  1. Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man

Harley Davidson & the Marlboro ManWe sure the mere mention of the iconic brand ‘Harley Davidson’ is enough to make you guys sit up and take notice! Yeah guys, it’s a Harley Davidson movie through and through with the lead character by the same name, and needless to say the bike too, are the central attractions. Time to watch Harley Davidson ride away on a Harley Davidson!

  1. Hell Ride

hell rideHell yeah people… there’s the bad ass biker and his gang too! This film is a tribute to outlaw biker films in the sixties and seventies.

Complete with gang wars, the oh-so-bad-and-sexy-bikers, their lifestyles and hot chicks, this film is for that untamed biker within you!

  1. Wild Hogs

Bike rides and adventure go hand in hand and this movie explores the wild side of a biker’s life. Here’s a group of three men who seek some adventure and spark in their lives and who head out for what turns out to be a ride of their lives.

If you love thrill, adventure and freedom of the roads, then I highly recommend this must-watch movie.

4. Biker Boyz

biker boyzHow many of you have had a childhood dream of racing? If you have had those then you sure can relate to this movie. Here’s the kid who became a part of underground motorcycle clubs and turned his passion into a profession.

Watch the movie to know the difference between men and boyz!

The World’s Fastest Indian

A film based on New Zealand racer Burt Munro who spent years modifying and rebuilding a 1920 Indian Scout Motorcycle. He then takes the legendary motorcycle to the Utah Bonneville Salt Flats where he’s set several land-speed records of which one remains unbroken to this day.

Here’s a movie that we recommend for all Indian Motorcycle fans.



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