How to Modify a Bike

how to modify bike

Modified bikes are all the rage nowadays with customizes re-working bikes from a host of manufacturers. Some of them modify only the exterior design while some redesign the entire structure and engine as well. Motorcycles, like cars, can be easily upgraded with the help of affordable aftermarket accessories. They can be customized depending on your lifestyle.

Here are some steps to modify your bike:

Install air filters. They can be installed to allow your bike to breathe better. It blocks dirt particles from reaching the motorcycle’s engine, improving its airflow and boosting its performance.

Install aftermarket exhaust kits. They are proven to improve the torque and horsepower of the motorcycle. It allows the bike to breathe more air out of the engine. It also gives out a rich and powerful noise that gives your ride an aggressive sound.

Match your tires with a good set of wheels. Carbon fiber rims, solid wheels or classic spoked wheels boost the look of your bike. Pair it with the perfect set of tires, the ride quality and handling of the bike will definitely improve.

Equip your bike with a windshield. It minimizes air turbulence while the bike is in motion, giving the rider a smoother, improved ride quality. You can customize it by giving it a smoky look or having it tinted.

Install LED turn signals on your bike. These are fast, well-illuminated LED turn signals that look better than the stock ones that come with the bike. Choosing the right style can definitely improve the bike’s visibility.

Install performance brake pads. They perform better than stock brake pads by providing a more aggressive stopping power.

Install engine guard and frame sliders. Frame sliders protect the frame and fairings in an event of a motorcycle accident. While engine guards are made of heavy duty steel bars that protects the bike’s engine.



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