How can you perform wheelie on Activa scooter?

how to perform wheelie on activa

It’s a bit difficult to do a wheelie on a scooter than doing a wheelie on a bike. With that being said, it’s not impossible or utterly impossible.

First of all find a abandon place where you can try because inital stunt riding attempts involve falls/crashes. So to protect yourself get a good protective jacket ex fox’s armor its cheap you can get it online around 1000/-

Now coming to wheelie, firstly you have to make your Activa light from front so remove the battery and headlamp.

Now how to do initial wheelie

  1. First and foremost, make sure that you’re trying this on an empty road or an empty parking lot.
  2. The first thing is to grab the handle tightly.
  3. Now you need to twist the throttle quickly so as to give it the initial lift. As you’re doing this, just pull the bike up with the handle. Make sure that you don’t pull it much at the first time or you might tend to pull it too up.
  4. Also, if you get the scooter too up, just make sure to apply the back brake. The scooter will come down abruptly so beware of that.
  5. My advice to you would be to take it slow. Don’t try to get the bike all the way up in your first try, first, get the feel of it.
  6. Practice will help you get the bike up more easily and safely.

Just simple advice, if you wanna really do it then make sure you have to give lots of time on practice and also have to spend lots of money.


Happy stunt riding…



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