Fab 5 Bike Racing Game you will love


Who does not like playing games? In nowadays stressful lifestyle, games are a big reliever. Mainly all of us spend our spare time in playing games. While our life goes mobile nowadays, playing bike games on android phones also is a real fun indeed.

We have composed a list of best free bike racing android games as per the users rating on the Google Play store.

These bike racing games in android come up with the new design with 3D graphics so as to give you the reality experience while playing them.

  1. Bike Race Free

Bike Race free is the top downloaded Android bike racing game in the Google play store. If playing bike racing games is your hobby, go for this one.

This game supports multi-player options like 16 Amazing bikes, 152 racing tracks, and simple controls. Invite your friends on a game date, beat them and earn stars by unlocking new levels.

Basic rules to play bike race free game

  • Touch the screen to accelerate the Bike
  • Tilt the Phone to lean bike
  1. Death Moto

Well the game is all about picking up the tools and target to throw other bikers. Unlock more vehicles by hitting down fellow bike riders the closer you can. Do not forget to collect the nitrogen while you give acceleration or else you will fall behind.

  1.  Racing Moto

Get the power of full control and race in full speed in this Racing motto game. Race without any restriction of location like city, desert, bridges, forest, sea.

Basic Rules to play Racing Motto Game and score high

  • Tap the screen to accelerate the bike
  • Tilt your phone for controlling the direction of the bike
  • Go in full Speed and increase your scores with high acceleration
  • Follow the indicators to know the right direction.
  1. Speed Moto

Love playing the bike racing games with the 3D effects? Think of Speed Motto racing game. With such super stunning features and amazing graphics, this one is a total fun.

  1. Drag Racing: Bike Edition

Drag Racing Bike EditionIts graphics will leave you in awe. Drag racing is one of the most popular games in the bike edition. The game is well- optimized for tablets and high-resolution devices.

Drag racing game has 17 Extremely Fast Sports bike. Share your drag racing scores with your facebook friends and challenge them too.



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