When Bike Stunt Goes Bad

bike stunt fail

Stunts are dangerous, be it in a car or on a bike. They can get you killed, and there are no two things to that. Wearing adequate protection before stunting is necessary, and along with that, practicing or carrying out stunts in a closed environment is even more important. But some bikers can be really stupid, like the ones here. And they’ve gotten away easy, with hilarious results.

  1. When you’re learning to do a wheelie, 

You leave kids out, wear adequate protection, get a more powerful bike & important don’t get your friends to film it.

Or else, this happens.

2. Don’t like someone? This is the easiest way to get them land on the backsides, hard.

3. When Bullet wheelie goes bad…

4. This man was bright the first time around, but caution gave into adventure. And this is what happened.

Well, that’s it…



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